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About WMC2

"Awaken the startup spirit.

In you or your company. ”

Startups are guarantors of disruptive solutions. Can you or your organization meet this standard?


WMC2 creates the basis with you so that you can make this promise and keep it.


The beginning of a good promise is the idea. New ideas can only thrive where there is room for individual creativity.





  • WMC2 helps companies and individuals discover their creativity, arouse curiosity and meet expectations.


  • WMC2 motivates you with a sustainable coaching procedure - combined with the lateral thinking of an agency - to discover your creativity. And to take almost unthinkable steps. To be disruptive.


  • WMC2 supports you to use your creativity in the context of your or your company's defined vision. With the aim of ensuring operational excellence.


  • WMC2 helps meet expectations that arouse as a brand or person.








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