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"We don't just talk. We also create communication solutions . "

Strategy, vision and positioning are very good. But without a concrete implementation, they stay where they come from - in the company.


The company vision ( an existing one or a new one to be created) is the basis of the communication strategy and forms the common thread in the implementation.


WMC2 builds on Hinrik Wachsmuth's many years of experience as a strategist, concept creator, copywriter and executive coach. WMC2 has a network of first-class specialists for the visual design as well as the technical implementation of digital measures.


Whether digital or analog - thanks to the close cooperation with first-class art directors, WMC2 guarantees a surprising visual implementation,


Through the unique combination of creative agency, management and coaching expertise, WMC2 guarantees you sustainable communication solutions that are tailored to your challenges.




  • Central idea / communication vision

  • Communication strategies

  • Print (advertisements, posters, brochures, flyers ...)

  • Direct mail

  • public relations

  • Corporate Design

  • Corporate publishing

  • Marketing (event marketing and live communication, ambush marketing, viral marketing, entertainment marketing ...)

  • Point of sale

  • Business-to-business

  • Website

  • Social media



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