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Whether it's a job interview, realignment or a career jump - are you looking for your uniqueness that arouses curiosity and interest in you?


The answer is in your hands. As an executive coach and creative spirit, I support you in finding your answers. I don't offer a solution. They provide the unique answers that differentiate you sustainably. I help with the uniquely differentiating wording.




  • Support with state-of-the-art coaching to develop your creative potential, successfully master and initiate new challenges.


  • Your partner for the development of leader hip programs, executive coaching and personal career planning.


  • Support through targeted listening and questions in structuring your strengths and emotionally formulating your personal guiding principle.





The workshop consists of three modules. Each builds on the other. All participants should know at the end:


  • what is my personal emotional differentiator (cognition)

  • what are my possible fields of application (planning)

  • how do i do it (implement)










International Coach Federation
Deutscher Coaching Verband


for individuals

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